Coloured Sporthorses Laurentii

Stud farm

Every year we expect a few foals.

We want to breed quality horses with a nice colour.

Our goal is the perfect eye-catcher with quality and allround sport-capacity.

Stallion choice

2012 - Swiss Made x Calypso II

Bay filly

2014 - Ceasar ter Linden x Flamenco de Semilly

Tobiano bay colt

2015 - Exxon Hedonist x Davinci van Erpekom Z

Tobiano bay filly

2016 - Exxon Hedonist x Winnetou

Tobiano bay colt

2016 - Mr. Cielo x Davinci van Erpekom Z

Bay colt


April: Exxon Hedonist x Davinci van Erpekom Z

Tobiano bay colt


Mei: Aganix du Seigneur x Premium de Laubry

Tobiano chestnut colt


Action Breaker x Ogano Sitte

Tobiano chestnut colt


Ulyss Morinda x Giovanni x Quidam de Revel

Bay colt



Ogano Sitte x Premium de Laubry

25.00% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Sabino
25.00% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
25.00% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tovero
25.00% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano


Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Think Big T&L (Toulon)

32.81% - Bay

32.81% -Bay Tobiano

12.50% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano

12.50% - Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)

4.69% - Black Tobiano

4.69% - Black