Olycia vh Bontehof Z

Coloured Sporthorses Laurentii

Olycia vh Bontehof Z

Merrie - 2015

Heterozygous Tobiano (Tt)

Homozygous Agouti (AA)

Olycia is a daughter of the famous Ogano Sitte  out of a proven and succesfull damline of coloured sporthorses. Her mother jumped 1.40m with results and also her two half-sisters (out of Cento Lano and Vene Vidi Vici van orti jump 1.30m and 1.40m courses).

This pedigree is Samber-free! 

Bonte Laura vd Dwerse Hagen

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Horse of Belgium


2017 - 29th place semi-final Belgian championship - freejump contest 2 year old mares.

Darco 1.60m

Lugano van La Roche

Ogano Sitte 1.60m


Ialta Sitte


Olycia vh Bontehof Z

Major de la Cour

Premium de Laubry 1.60m

Galoubet A

Bonte Laura vd Dwerse Hagen 1.40m

Feo de Lauzalle

Judy 1.40m



Grandmother Judy was imorted from Ireland. She jumped on 1.40m level with succes!

After Judy was kept for breeding, she gave birth to Elixir vd Dwerse Hagen (1.40m) and Bonte Laura vd Dwerse Hagen (1.40m).

Meanwhile also Laura gave some foals:

- Centolien DH Z (Cento Lano) - 1.40m

   Centolien is the mother of Ivanhoe vd Dwerse Hagen (1.35m)

- Graffitie vh Bontehof (Vene vidi vici) - 1.40m

- Fleurtje Bont

- Nando vh Bontehof (Nonstop)