Avance Laurentii Z



Bonte Laura vd Dwerse Hagen



Aganix du Seigneur




Colt by Aganix du Seigneur (Ogano Sitte x Chellano Z - 1.60m)

Born 01/05/2018

The mother is a daughter by Premium de Laubry (Galoubet A). She jumped 1.40m as well as the grand-mother 1.40m. beacous the grand-mother is imported to Belgium, she doesn't has any papers. But this line of coloured sporthorses, has results enough to prove they are doing well! .


INFO pedigree



- Mother - 1.40m


- Halfsister of the mother - 1.40m (Elixir)


- Grand-mother - 1.40m


- Halfsister colt by Vene Vidi Vici - 1.40m


- Halfsister colt by Cento Lano - 1.30m


- Halfbrother colt by Nonstop 1.20m (5 ans)


- Halfsister colt by Ogano Sitte (Semi-finals Belgian Championship free jumping 2yo mares)



Ogano Sitte 1.60m



Aganix du Seigneur 1.60m





Cadix du Seigneur

Chellano z

Avance Laurentii Z



Aramis de la Cense



Premium de Laubry 1.60m

Galoubet A


Bonte Laura vd Dwerse Hagen 1.40m


Feo de Lauzalle



Judy 1.40m