Rexxon Laurentii

Rexxon Laurentii

19 april 2017

Exxon Hedoniste

Exxon is an AES approved stallion by Ogano Sitte  out of a Thunder vd Zuuthoeve mare who jumped 1.45m. The stallion is ridden by Jerome Guery.

Exxon information here.

Damblanch van Erpekom Z


Damblanch's mother Lista is the mother of two approved stallions in England.

- Francine van Erpekom Z

- Samista (Mecenas)

- Palista (Elcaro)

- Umberto van Erpekom Z (homozygoot bont) (Utah van Erpekom Z)

- Vagebont (Mecenas)

- Ulista van Erpekom Z (Utah van Erpekom Z)

Father Davinci van Erpekom Z is presented in cross-country.

He's the half-brother of the famous Utah van Erpekom Z who jumped 1.60m with John Whitakker and approved stallion Eclipse van Erpekom Z who jumps 1.45m.


Ogano Sitte


Exxon Hedoniste

Ancara vd Zuuthoeve

Thunder vd Zuuthoeve

Rexxon Laurentii

Davinci van Erpekom


Damblanch van Erpekom Z




Darklady C

Halfbroer Diablo van Erpekom                                                        Volle zus Ex-Elle Laurentii Z